John Gray Knives Keyper KNP Edition


John Gray Knives Keyper KNP Edition

from 125.00

John Gray is a legend within the knife community and his Keyper is the only EDC extra that I never leave home without. Thats why we are proud to partner with John to bring you this exclusive variant! Each Keyper is made to order by John right here in his Philly area shop. These ultra lightweight aluminum key hooks are ventilated with what John calls his “Swiss Cheese” pattern and feature a proprietary powder coating that he applies by hand. It was only natural that we went with a royal shade of purple we call Grape Escape! For a small up charge of $10 you can have high grit hand satin polished flats. You can also add a special Brian Nadeau Commemorative Pin to your order for just $5 more! Each Keyper will ship with a certificate card including its birthdate and signature from John Gray!

weighs .99oz!

Of course shipping within the USA is free!

We hope you enjoy carrying your KNP Edition Keyper every day! here’s a list of potential benefits and uses…

  1. Secure keys to belt loop

  2. Open bottle

  3. Knock on doors

  4. Pocket Dump Prop

  5. “Exclusivity”

  6. More purple stuff

  7. Golf Marker

  8. Look Tough

  9. Be cool

  10. Knock on skulls

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