The Lover.



A wanna be redneck with an eye for great design, Levon's interest in fancy knives stems from his love of functional art. From fine watches and writing instruments to firearms and muscle cars he walks the line between James Bond and Larry the Cable Guy. With a background in graphic art and illustration, Levon still enjoys doing promotional artwork for heavy metal bands, and photoshopping his fellow hosts into embarrassing images. By day he works for a small computer company named after a fruit.

You will usually find Levon on Instagram as @knifenutspodcast.

The Hater.



Dave is a knife nut living in eastern Connecticut, hailing originally from Rhode Island. His obsession with knives started young, but he began collecting knives in July of 2011 when he spent all of the money his parents had given him to house-sit for a week on a Kershaw Leek in damascus steel. Since then, he has spent most of his money on high end production knives. He is an ardent believer in our lord and savior, Reevus Christ.

You can find Dave on Bladeforums and the USN as "Misanthropia". He has an Instagram account under @knifenutsdave. He also runs a YouTube channel under "Misanthropia", where he posts knife reviews and ramblings.

The Thinker.



A skilled fabricator, tinkerer, and musician, Jake enthusiastically represents the modern renaissance man. His interest in the world of knives spawned from the concept of a seemingly mundane tool becoming an "artisanal" object. When he isn't taking knives apart to "count their rings", Jake competes in USPSA, flies drones, and hosts weekly "whiskeypickleknife" get togethers with Levon at his home in Chester County, PA.

Jake can be reached on Instagram as @knifenutsjake and Bladeforums under the username Jake_Lucas

Brian Nadeau is an award-winning custom knife maker from New Jersey and proprietor of Sharp By Design ( Since starting to make knives, Brian has earned such honors as "Best New Maker" in 2014 at the USN Gathering, "Best New Maker" in 2014 at BLADE Show, and "Best Tactical Folder" in both 2014, 2015 AND 2017 at BLADE Show! He sincerely hopes this podcast doesn't sink his buisness.

You can find Brian on his website, or on Instagram as @sharpbydesign. 

The Maker.


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