Episode 39

Episode 39: Thin Fingers and Low T

In tonight's episode, Jake reads something, Levon beseeches you to not slide into DM's, Brian says something dicey again, and Dave probably miscalculates how hard it is to get from South Africa to the US.

We also explore Levon's numerous new acquisitions over the last month, and Jake gets the opportunity to talk about his long desired Real Steel Harrier. In addition, we cover some of the newly announced Spyderco discontinued list and discuss the ongoing PayPal account freezing scare. 

Thank you to all of our sponsors: Kizer Cutlery, Bladerunner Systems, and St. Nick’s Knives

New Acquisitions:

Levon - Karroll Knives KC3, WE Knives Gnar, CKF x Tuff Knives Switch, GiantMouse ACE Sonoma, Shirogorov 95T, Knifeworks Exclusive Benchmade Contego, Kershaw Launch 10, Kershaw Emerson CQC-11K, Spyderco Shaman 4V, Hector the Chihuahua , Spartan Blades daggers  

Jake - Real Steel Relict, Real Steel Harrier


The Smoking Tire Podcast 

Knife Nuts Podcast Edition Void 

Lehigh Valley Knife Show 

Drop x Matt Degnan Emrose 

Drop x Tashi Bharucha Heatseeker 

Elijah Isham Aeterna 

CKF x Rotten Design Evolution 

Benchmade Gold Class Crooked River 

Benchmade 3400 Autocrat 

The Birdcage 

Spyderco discontinued list 

Benchmade 496 Vector 

APurvis Xerx 

Mattias Borrani Chef Bowie 

Episode 38

Episode 38: BGC (Before Good China)

In tonight's episode, Brian takes a well deserved vacation so Adam Purvis of APurvis Blades hangs out with us to discuss our pre-podcast knife collections in detail. We reminisce about our best and worst decisions early on, reflect on some early grails we never achieved, and sprinkle in some talk about newer knives.

As always, thank you to our sponsors Kizer Cutlery and PVK Vegas!

New Acquisitions:

Levon - Kizer Cutlery Price Friction Folder, Drop x Terzuola ATCF Tanto, Chaves Knives Ultramar 229, Socom Elite Auto


Dave's pre-podcast collection spreadsheet 

Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil 

Old Drippy 

Drip Too Hard 


Episode 37

Episode 37: Tactical Bidet 

Despite bad weather nearly ending the episode multiple times, the Knife Nuts are back with another episode. In tonight's episode Jake repeats a story, Levon buys some shoes, Brian realizes he's still being interviewed, and Dave talks tactical shits. In addition, we cover some interesting new knives Levon acquired, weigh in on the mess of "HRC-gate", and generally goof around.

New Acquisitions:

Levon - Kizer Microlith, Terrain 365 Invictus, Wingman EDC MDD-K, Yeezy Boost 700 


John Gray gravity knife 

Asheville Paragon 

NYC lifts gravity knife ban (thanks to Knife Rights)  

Terrain 365’s proprietary Dendritic Cobalt “Terravantium” (which is not actually cast, Levon was wrong) 

EpicSnuggleBunny WIngman EDC MDD-K disassembly 

Kershaw OD-1 & OD-2 

Rike Knives Cicada 

Sharp by Design Micro Evo 

SuperSteel Steve’s HRC gate rebuttal video 

Hi-Point Yeet Cannon 

Boaty McBoatface 

Steel Will Chatbot 

Advanced Knife Bro Wildsteer WX video  

Corvette C8 

Episode 36

Episode 36: Bed Bug Happy Hour

In this episode, we recap Levon, Jake, and Brian's experiences returning fresh from BLADE 2019. We touch on Levon's numerous new acquisitions, Brian's success at the show, and Jake not having a heart attack. In addition we weigh in on the Zero Tolerance 0223 and Sebenza 31 controversies, as well as our thoughts on the winners of BLADE 2019's official awards. This episode was recorded before the Lionsteel steel hardness controversy erupted, but we will soon address it!

As always, thank you to our sponsors PVK Vegas and Kizer Cutlery!

Levon's acquisitions: Shirogorov x Chris Reeve Knives Unique Graphic Hati R, Tuch Knives Sparrowhawk, CKF x Philipe Jourget FiF, Microtech UTX-85, Kershsaw Launch 9 with Abalone, Blade Runner Systems Nova & Warhead, WE Knives Synergy 2 & Arrakis, Liong Mah KUF v2, Greg Stevens Design Watch, others here.


Brian’s heartfelt IG post about BLADE

Mason Ramsey, the Walmart yodeling kid

Beg Bugs, the board game

Shirogorov 111 with Kickstop 

Ace Hood’s “Rolex” disassembling itself 

Reate JACK-2 

CIVIVI McKenna in Damascus 

Isham Bladeworks Dresschaton 

Sebenza 31 

MicroMachines commercial 

Sebenza 31 auction piece 

Zero Tolerance 0223   

Director of Sonic the Hedgehog movie promises to redesign Sonic after the movie was already finished 

Bestech new knives 

Enrique Pena new Reate models 

Chaves 229 

BLADE Show Awards 

Olamic Soloist and Whippersnapper 

Begg Custom Flashlight 

RJ Marin x Shirogorov Overkill 

Shun Folding Steak Knife  

“Last week we put liquid paper on a bee… it died” 

KH Daily kitchen knives 

M Shiffer Knives 

Patrick Doyle Knives 

David Broadwell knives 

HEAdesigns Flame 

Hogue’s Copper G10  

Rich Asians flyer at BLADE  

Episode 35

Episode 35: Duck Tales

After an unintended hiatus, the Knife Nuts are back with a pre-BLADE show episode in which we attempt to cover some of the going-ons in the knife community in the last two months, as well as talk about what we’re looking forward to at BLADE 2019. We cover a number of new releases, and are even joined by a special guest at the end (who also is responsible for the abrupt ending, sorry for the condensed episode length). Thank you all for bearing with us, and a special thank you to our Patreon supporters for their continued support. In tonight’s episode we giveaway two new Serge Panchenko knives to a lucky Patreon supporter!

As always, thank you to our sponsors PVK Vegas and Kizer Cutlery!


"I’m going to go now…”

Red Dead Redemption Snody

Sebenza 31

Duck Tales

Benchmade Bailout hardness issue

Spyderco Drunken pocket clip hate

Para 3 LW

Steel Will F12 Tasso - with the Ant Lock!

New Shirogorov Neon

WingManEDC x Tom Mayo collaboration

Buck x Mayo TNT

Reate Jack-2

Mike Nguyen Kaizen 

Brian’s lineup for BLADE

Greg Stevens Designs

WE Knives Synergy 2 backstory


Real Steel Sidus limited editions

Matt Diskin Integral 

“I know my behavior can be erratic sometimes”

APurvis Xerxes 

Terzuola x Drop Cyrus

Hinderer Balisong

Spyderco Endela

Kizer Mini Domin

Isham Designs Horse Crippler

Episode 34

Episode 34: Horse Crippler

In tonight’s episode: Jake finds yet another new horrible noise to annoy us with, Levon goes “CAWWW!", Brian is full of mirth (seriously), and Dave christens a new Cold Steel sword.

Also in tonight's episode we cover a series of topics, including a great question from a listener: “Has the knife community gotten more contentious?”. In addition, we talk about Jake's future as a knife maker, the CRKT XOC, and take our first short detour into guns.

As always thank you to our sponsor PVK Vegas, use coupon code "knifenuts" at checkout to save 5% on your order. In addition, thank you to our sponsor Kizer Cutlery. 

Acquisitions: Levon - Nalpak insert, Shirogorov Pero, Kizer Laconico Yorkie, Kizer Begleiter, Microtech Signature Series Socom Elite 

Jake - Beaumont KMG-TX Grinder, Dust Deputy 


Fat Carbon CF 

Purple Archnemesis  

“Boots with the fur” 

Sebenza Tour 

Robot that was hitchhiking across America 


2019 Spyderco reveals from IWA 

A.Purvis Primordial MK2 

“Wheel in the Sky” by Journey 

KC Knives 

Feels Good Bro  

Drouth’s - “Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors” 

S&W 500 

Paul Bearer (and Pallbearer)

Civivi Isham Anthropos 

Scarve - “Mirthless Perspective”  

Annotation 2019-06-06 110059.jpg

Episode 33

Episode 33: Dynastic Brand Moves Dude! ft. Bladerunner Systems

On this episode of the Knife Nuts Podcast, we are joined by Ed and Lawrence from Bladerunner Systems (BRS). BRS is best known for shaking up the balisong game by creating knives that cater to the demands of dedicated flippers. They're now expanding their brand with the E-volve line of folding knives and fixed blades. We get a nice overview of their history and the intense passion Ed and Lawrence bring to the game. Check out BRS at their website and Instagram pages.

As always thank you to our sponsor PVK Vegas, use coupon code "knifenuts" at checkout to save 5% on your order. In addition, thank you to our sponsor Kizer Cutlery. 

If you would like to win the TuffKnives x BRS Imp in the cover art for this episode, go to the Knife Nuts Podcast Instagram page for instructions.


Nova Blades 

Jim Lee 

Spyderco fined and forced to recall SzaboFly for violating Federal law

Artisan Cutlery auto-bali 

The Package 


Episode 32

Episode 32: The New Second Base ft. Liong Mah,

Kicking off season 3 of the Knife Nuts Podcast, Levon, Dave, Jake, and Brian return from a brief hiatus to discuss SHOT show. Joining them is knife designer and proprietor of Liong Mah Knives, Liong Mah himself. We go over Liong's 2019 catalog, his largest to date, and spend a lot of time goofing off. We also giveaway a Fox Knives Pelican to a lucky Patreon supporter.

As always thank you to our sponsor PVK Vegas, use coupon code "knifenuts" at checkout to save 5% on your order. In addition, thank you to our sponsor Kizer Cutlery. 


Liong Mah Knives 2019 Catalog

CRKT Eat'n Tool  

Zero Tolerance 0022  

SOG Seal XR 

SOG Terminus XR 

Artisan Cutlery balisong bullshit 

"Diversify yo bonds!" 

Brian's daggers from the KNP hiatus 

Mic Geronimo 

Shirogorv x Sinkevich Sigma 

CZ Shadow 2 

"They're rapin' our churches, burnin' our women!" 

Child killed by alligator at Disney 

Mr. McFeely 

Bob Lum's nail nick 

Johnny Strong