Episode 14

Episode 14: #ThrowYourShitintheCreek

In the season one finale, we review the new for 2018 Spyderco offerings and attempt to provide our answer to BladeHQ's 7 Best Knives of 2017 video. In typical fashion, things do not go very well. 

Thank you all for your support, we genuinely appreciate our fans! Look for the Knife Nuts Podcast to return in 2018.


Tom Krein Regrind Benchmade Proper

Duck and Platypus penises

WE Knives 604DS                                                           

The knives Jake sent to Dave

Steve Mnuchin manure incident

Chaves Redencion 228 v3

Trouble Bladeworks

Spyderco Sliverax Rocketship

Spyderco wicker basket hand?

New for 2018 Spyderco:

                Native 5 CPM-154/S90V

                Shabaria (Shabba Ranks)


                V-Toku2 steel

                SOG Vulcan

                Fake SOG

                PPT Sprint Run

                Clipit Tool




Spyderco Jester

Knife Nuts take on BladeHQ’s year end award:

Best value – Levon: Real Steel Megalodon 2017, Dave: Steel Will’s sub-$100 offerings, Ruike, Boker Plus Tech-Tool, Jake: Tecut Zero

Knife that inspires envy: Jake: Sharp By Design Archnemesis, Borka Blades mStich, Dave: Rotten Designs, Steelcraft Bodega Levon: Damasteel WE Knives, Sharp By Design Archnemesis

Pretty quick knife: Dave: Boos Blades Smoke TS1, 2017 Kizer models, Levon: Olamic Swish (Egyptian Swish)

Twice the knife for half the price: Unanimous: Vipon, for their formerly insane Kizer deals

My new favorite: Dave: not the Giantmouse GM3, Jake: WE 714 Slipsteam, Levon: Sharp by Design Mini Typhoon

A little tank: We instead talk about Boker Plus

Perfect slim EDC: We begrudgingly admit that we should probably try a Benchmade Bugout, Dave: Boos Blades Smoke TS1

Some of our own categories:

                Most beautifully engineered knife: Rike and Liong Mah designs

                Surprise personal hit: Levon – Hinderer XM slippy

                Podcast Archnemesis of the Year: CRKT

                Honorable mention: Dave – CKF Veksha, Jake – Tuch Axis

                Worst knife trend of 2017: Superhero themed Cerakote

Printed circuit board Tenacious

Budget Light Forums Giga Thrower