Episode 17

Episode 17: Schrödinger's Tip

In tonight's episode: Dave sits way too close to his mic, Levon wants to swing the podcast dick, Jake details how to know if you have lead poisoning, and Brian details his love brake cleaner. 

This is another off-the-cuff episode but we keep the topics almost exclusively on knives. We discuss our experience with the Work Sharp Ken Onion edition powered knife sharpener, which was provided to us by Work Sharp. In addition, we cover topics like Japanese knives, the new steel tariff, the new Spyderco's revealed at IWA 2018. and a weird Russian knife. 

New acquisitions: Levon - Liong Mah XV, Lionsteel Shuffler, DCB Customs Kitchen set, Purple kitty cat katana. Dave - SBD Mini Typhoon, Rike 803CH, ZT 0462


Peter Steele: "I'm less miserable"

DMX - Stop Bein' Greedy   

Richard Wu selfie

inlaid Mini Typhoon

Raging Jap Knives  

Miyabi Kaizen

Massdrop Chef Knife

Kershaw Atmos

Mad Hatter Disease

Wicked Edge Go

Venev Bonded Diamond

Tech Studio Professional sharpener

"A box from Russia changed my life"

The titty knife

Spyderco Collector's website (IWA 2018 offerings)

Spyderco Mosquito

North Arms Knives Skaha

Ron Flaherty knives (no website, just google them to see them)