Episode 8

Episode 8: Useful Consumer Advice ft. Ben of BladeHQ

In tonight's episode Levon mispronounces "microcosm" twice, Jake suggests a creative way to die, Dave makes a horse noise, and Brian forgets why he was angry. 

Also, marketing manager of BladeHQ Ben Petersen joins us to discuss BladeHQ and what it's like working in the retail side of the knife industry. Ben is best known as the face of BladeHQ, and pioneered the use of videos and social media to help engage the consumer with the retailer.

Wingding of the week: Shirogorov, for the Born in Vegas spinner roulette, and Sketchen Scales for going MIA with peoples knives and money

References: Meat Spin (no I'm not linking that), Mr. Hands (also not linking that)

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