Episode 9

Episode 9: The Brian Nadeau VR Experience

News: KnifeNews 25 best selling knives of 2017, Discontinued ZT's, No Shirogorov warranty without certificate of authenticity, V Nives Kickstarter campaign

On tonight's episode Dave invents a new kind of contraceptive, Brian moves to Colombia, Jake gives us some important sociological insights, and Levon airs his anti dude-ponytail bias. 

In this week's episode we cover a variety of topics, including how knifemakers should adapt to increasingly fickle buyers, whether grails really exist, and answer some viewer questions. But mostly it's just the kind of idiocy you might come to expect.

Wingding of the Week: Steve Ketchen (spketch) officially gets Wingding of the Week for not making good on returning knives or money


Imalent DX80 lighting things on fire

The Guild of Calamitous Intent

Celtic Frost's Vanity/Nemesis

MSC strong armed car jacking

Jason Brous/Mikkel Willumsen - Same person?

Cooley Custom Dick Knife

Gojira's The Way of All Flesh

Fanatic Edge's "house fire" finish

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