Episode 10

Episode 10: Knife Porn or Porn Knives? ft. Tuch Knives

We've made it into double digits!

In tonight's episode we are joined by father and son duo William and Eric Tuch (of Tuch Knives). Tuch Knives makes some truly remarkable art pieces that way outside of our normal wheelhouse, which makes the conversation all that more enlightening. Tuch Knives are making their foray into the tactical world with their new "Axis" model, which makes up a bulk of the conversation.

You guys can find William and Eric at:

Their website

Their Instagram

Their YouTube channel

We were plagued by some technical difficulties during this episode and apologize for the occasional stuttering. We're looking into solutions to improving the audio quality when we have guests, which poses the biggest issue for a remotely recorded podcast like ours.


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