Episode 29

Episode 29: Herb Derr (Pre-NYCKS 2018)

In tonight's episode, Levon yells "abort!", Jake doubles down on a bad joke, Dave records the second half of the podcast underwater, and Brian and makes a shrill noise then disappears.

In addition, we cover a bunch of new acquisitions we didn't mention last episode, go over the discontinued for 2019 Spyderco's, and discuss what we hope to do and see at NYCKS 2018. Later in the episode, a guest joins us and we try to get through Boker's 2019 catalog. We don't get far.

We also giveaway an APurvis Blades Primordial to one of our $25 level Patreon supporters. As usual, thank you to our sponsors Kizer Cutlery and PVK Vegas. Use coupon code "knifenuts" to get 5% off your order at PVK!

New acquisitions: 

Dave - Maxpedition Entity 23L, APurvis Blades Primordial, Zero Tolerance 0470, Tangram Amarillo 

Levon - APurvis Primodial, Kizer Minitherium, Kizer Nomad, Zero Tolerance 0470, Spyderco EuroEdge, Sharp By Design x Reate Micro Typhoon, CRKT x BladeHQ Pilar, Shirogorov x Barker Hokkaido 


Grainside Originals 

Yaxell Mon Chef's Knife 

Herb Derr 

Spyderco Discontinued 2019 list 

The Monroe Transfer (look it up yourself)


Boker 2019 Catalog