Episode 30

Episode 30: Progenies of the Great Knifenuts Podcastalypse (Post NYCKS 2018)

In tonight’s episode: Jake’s credit score is 734, Levon decries Nuts-on-Nuts crime, Brian does a whisper, and Dave goes to lockbar detention.

Also in tonight’s episode we tackle some new releases, the Knife New’s Reader’s Choice awards (as of 12/4), our first production knife collaboration, and most importantly, our thoughts on NYCKS 2018.

As usual, thank you to our sponsor, PVK Vegas. Use coupon code “knifenuts” for 5% off your total order. Check out our other sponsor, Kizer Cutlery, and their “Black Month” sale going on now.

News: Spyderco’s new reveal strategy & possible price increases from tariffs (https://knifenews.com/spyderco-adopts-new-reveal-strategy-with-2019-product-guide/),

ZT Sprint Runs (0562Ti https://zt.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/zt0562ti  0055BRZ https://zt.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/0055brz

Knife Nuts Podcast x APurvis Blades Progeny thoughts

Knife News Reader's Choice Awards

New acquisitions: Dave - Isham Bladeworks Blackstar, Spyderco Kapara, ZT 0640

Levon - ZT 0920, Kizer Theta/Feist, Isham Bladeworks Blackstar

Jake- Isham Bladeworks Blackstar, Kizer Theta/Feist, Copper Natrix, Worst OerLa.

Projects- Copper Natrix hardening new washers, Aegis Hoplite no detent no lock.

Wingding of the Week: The Return of JDavis882


Carcass - "Swansong"

"Now that I can't abide"

Kmaxrom Pelican

RIP Clippy

Dimmu Borgir - "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse"

Celtic Frost - "Progeny"

Tyga - “Taste”

Levon's British friend

Mustangs at Car’s & Coffee

Baby Shark

People at NYCKS:

Sal Manaro

Ken Steigerwalt

Tom Krein

Richard Rogers

Chuck Gedraitas

Chopp Knives

Chuck Richards

Greg Medford

Three Rivers Manufacturing

Luhmer Knives

Matt Diskin

Achter Knives

Geoff Blauvelt

Peter Rassenti

Brian Tighe


Dervish Knives


RJ Martin

Kirby Lambert

Andrew Demko

The whole Chris Reeve Knives crew (Tim, Matt, Anne)

Think Twice Cut Once Podcast