Episode 31

Episode 31: A Horrible Error ft. Adam Purvis & Our Best/Worst of 2018

On a special New Year's Eve episode of the Knife Nuts Podcast, we put 2018 under the lens. Joined by friend of the show and knife maker Adam Purvis, we present 22 of our own awards to the best and worst of knives in 2018.

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Surprise personal hit:

Dave - Zero Tolerance 0640

Jake - Manly Knives, APurvis Primordial

Levon - APurvis Primordial

Adam- Tangram Vector

Worst knife trend of 2018:

Dave - Poor estimation of production schedules from production companies

Levon - Fordite/carboquartz

Jake - continued downfall of ZT

Brian- the pocket pecker myth

Adam - fordite

Most impressive knife of the year:

Dave - WE Knives 811 Tyche

Jake - Russian Hokkaido

Levon - Begg Knives Mandera

Adam - Reate Crossroads

Brian - Begg Knives Mandera

Overall - John W Smith NY Special Folder

Best budget folder:

Dave - Tangram Vector

Levon- Civivi Praxis

Jake - Real Steel

Adam - Civivi

Best overall lineup:

Dave - ZT

Levon - Reate

Jake - Spyderco

Adam - Reate

Overall - Kizer Cutlery

Best OEM:

Dave - WE Knives

Levon - Reate

Jake - Bestech

Brian - Reate

Adam - Reate

Worst detent:

Dave - GiantMouse GM5

Levon- GiantMouse GM5

Jake - David Saltzman

Brian - Didn’t feel it myself but if Dave couldn’t fire it it would have to be RJ Martin

Most disappointing knife we received all year:

Dave - Defiant7 Servo

Levon- WE Knives 815B Double Helix

Jake - Aegis Hoplite

Designer of the year:

Dave - Elijah Isham

Brian - Isham

Levon - Isham

Adam - Isham

Honorable Mention - Jared Van Otterloo

Best value:

Dave - MassDrop/WE Knives offerings

Levon- Massdrop Gent

Jake - Kershaw Bareknuckle & Aaron Frederick Trash Panda line

Adam- Jan Hafeinec fixed blades

Worst value:

Dave - everything from Italy

Levon- Ditto

Jake - European table prices

Best knife meme:

Brian - Levons Christmas China D2

Adam - Para3 memes

Overall - Heeter Nation guy

Wingding of the year:

Dave - Comments Sections

Levon- Nick Shabazz comment sections

Best collaboration:

Dave - Sharp by Design x Reate

Jake - Elijah x Knife Industry, AP x Knifenuts!

Levon - JVO x Begg Knives

Best new maker:

Levon- Ian Pikarski CMF

Jake - Luma Blades Jason (new 2018 process)

Brian - Ian Pikarski

Adam - Aaron Frederick

Most promising new production company:

Dave - Artisan Cutlery

Levon - Bestech

Jake - Real Steel

Most disappointing production company:

Dave - Rike Knives

Jake - ZT

Levon - Rike

Best YouTuber:

Dave - Cedric & Ada

Levon- Advanced Knife Bro

Jake - Jeremy Schmidt

Adam - EpicSnuggleBunny/Alex Steel

Best dealer exclusive:

Dave - Rivers Edge Cutlery P3

Levon - Rivers Edge Cutlery P3

Jake - St Nicks Para3

Most controversial/questionable move by production company:

Dave - Boker raising their MAP prices by 25%

Jake - ZT - Once favorite American manufacturer getting steamrolled by red China

Levon - Spyderco continuing to raise prices

Most improved brand:

Dave - Hinderer Knives

Levon - Kizer Knives

Jake - Microtech

Best podcast moment of 2018:

Dave - Jake revealing to Brian he probably has lead poisoning

Levon - hearing Jason Brous say “China D2” seriously/going on Knife Banter

Jake - Sal Manaro singing my dying cat version theme song

Worst podcast moment of 2018:

Dave - Monroe Transfer catching on as much as it did

Levon- Jake’s soundproof chamber

Jake - the 3 hours I spent soundproofing

Brian - my mug on a mug.


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