Episode 19

Episode 19: Blue Collar Comedy Tour

In tonight's episode, Dave offers Jake a cross, Levon alienates a good majority of our audience, Brian has to go, and Jake hand-files for your sins.

We cover a range of topics, including some new acquisitions, Twosun knives, the Caswell Morphing Karambit Kickstarter, the future of custom knife makers, the upcoming Massdrop Terzuola collaboration, and more. Brian had to leave us after about 1 hour and 20 minutes, and we had to call in for reinforcements from a fan-favorite guest. If you only want to hear about knives, you can tune out at that point.

New acquisitions: Levon - Brian Tighe Tighe Breaker, WE Zeta, Steel Will Resident, Brown Knives Servo (on loan), Dave - waiting on a Twosun TS69, Jake - his own custom made fixed blade


Cognitively impenetrable memes
reusable diaper washer
Brian Tighe Tighe Coon
Edge Observer documentary on Brian Tighe (sadly taken down along with all of Edge Observer's work)
Steel Will Tenet
Rodney Mullen
"Take On Me" by Aha
Tuya Knives
WE 604 tattoo
Twosun TS25
Massdrop Made Terzuola/WE Knife
Three Rivers Manufacturing TR-1000
WE 803, 804, 805
New Reate/Liong Mah knives
New Reate/Lambert knives
Damon Wayans with a Kwaiback
In Living Color skits (Self-Defense Instructor and Fire Marshall Bill)
Killer Mike (and his Balzano knife)
Cold Steel San Mai cease and desist
Massdrop/Spyderco SG2 Endure and Delica
Super Blue Caly warping
Spyderco Lum Tanto thread with Sal's awful response
Awful lamination line on the BladeHQ/Lum Chinese sprint
Alexi Laiho
Wayne Static and Tera Wray
Joe Caswell Morphing Karambit Kickstarter
Wintersun's kickstarter controversy
"ran off on the plug twice..."
Boxing glove on a spring thing
Lehigh Valley Knife Show