Episode 20

Episode 20: You're Never Too Old For Crayons!!! ft Matt Diskin

In tonight's episode, we're joined by a name you probably recognize but know little about, and if you don't know his name you certainly know the knives he has provided materials for. Matt Diskin is a talented custom knifemaker best known for his recent double action offerings like the Fire, Wheel, or Revolution, but also owns one of the most important carbon fiber companies in the knife industry, Fibersmith.

Matt provides some exclusive information about the history of the ZT0777, and some more insight into the materials knife companies choose. We also get into some general topics talking about his production collaborations and his views on how the custom market has changed.


Diskin VND (can't find any pictures of this one)
Older Diskin art knives    
Butch Valloton and his family
Diskin Fire
Lightning Strike Carbon Fiber
Marble Carbon Fiber
Lamborghini "Forged Carbon Fiber" 
Diskin designed Kizer Toro
Kershaw Strobe
Kershaw Deadline
Kershaw Nura
Zero Tolerance 0095TS
Vanax 35
Zero Tolerance 0454
Zero Tolerance 0600
Sinkevich modified ZT0450
Zero Tolerance 0450FCZDP
Zero Tolerance 0427
Salt Bae Reviews
Adam Purvis Primordial
Quest Customs Kutzu
Teal Delica
Diskin Corkscrew knife
Possible Valloton in Drive
Chris Reeve Inkosi with CarboQuartz