Episode 21

Episode 21: EpicSnuggleNuts ft. EpicSnuggleBunny (Pre-Blade 2018)

In tonight's episode, we're joined by friend of the podcast Auston, better known in the knife community as EpicSnuggleBunny. Auston runs a popular YouTube channel in which he reviews a variety of production and custom knives. You can also find him on IG here.

We spend most of the episode discussing what we're interested in seeing at the upcoming Blade show, but wander off into other topics including reminiscing about Auston's former podcast, the Modern Neanderthal Podcast. Much to Auston's chagrin, we very much did not have a list of topics to cover so in typical Knife Nuts fashion, most of the time is spent annoying Brian.

Hogue H&K Exemplar
Zero Tolerance 0095TS
Tommy Boy - "They want the guarantee on the box!"
Begg Knives Astio
Kershaw Camp 18
"I studied the blade..."
Archibald Meatpants aka Bill Barrett    
G&G Hawk Deadlock
G&G Hawk/Serge Orbit
Heretic Blade Show special
Family Guy - "Kicked in the nuts"
Benchmade 756 Micro Pocket Rocket
New Reate integral designed by Jack
Reate/Lambert collaboration
Real Steel Relict and Havran
Lionsteel ROK
Zieba knife stuffed with skulls
New Kizer knives
The Streisand Effect
New Isham Bladeworks