Episode 23

Episode 23: PostBLADEum Depression

On tonight's episode: Jake has a rash, Brian will bang anyone of youse for that kinda money, Levon doesn't say "pet peeve" that much, and Dave puts the stress on the second syllable of "prowess". Oh, and Aaron shows up again.

It may be the Michael Jordan episode, but this was no slam dunk. We jump around between new acquisitions, some forthcoming knives, and reflect more on Blade once we're again joined by Aaron Frederick of Frederick Knives.

New Acquisitions: Levon - Reate Baby Machine, Kershaw Camp 10, Shirogorov Hati R, Real Steel G5 Metamorph. Dave - Kershaw Camp 18

We're also excited to be able to give away a WE Knives 807 Vaquita that was generously donated by its designer, NM Bladeworks. In order to enter, post a picture on Instagram of what you would use a tiny kukri for with the hashtag #KnifeNutsTreeShit and tag at our IG account, @knifenutspodcast. 


Brian's Chicane auction
Shirogorov Hati R
Pena X Series
Dalibor Bergam Unnamed Integral
Michael Raymond Starlit
Real Steel Harrier
Real Steel x Poltergeist Bladeworks
Mora Cork knife
The Hitman
Tim Lambesis arrest
Microtech UTX-70
Microtech Cypher
Lucas Burnley kitchen knife Kickstarter
Vitesse Design Morpheus
Blink Blades Jinx
Spyderco Matriarch
WE Knives 811 Tyche
Zero Tolerance 0462BLK
KABAR's first flipper
Knife Steel Nerds
Chaves x Reate Knives Ultramar line
British pronunciation of "prowess"    
No Flex Zone