Episode 24

Episode 24: Passion of the Jake 2: Electric Boogaloo

In tonight's episode, Levon really emphasizes the "p" in "pimping", Jake makes some noises (as usual), Brian finally loses it, and Dave brings Jake's cross out of retirement.

In addition, we also covered our numerous new acquisitions as of late, with an emphasis on new stuff from WE Knives, including a first look at the new MassDrop/Gavko/WE collaboration Thresher. We spend a good amount of time discussing the ZT lock failure controversy, and Jake and Dave finally share details about stories they've hinted at for a while. 

New acquisiton: Levon - MassDrop/Gavko/WE Thresher (prototype on loan from Massdrop), Shirogorov Hati R, Shirogorov Hation (loan), ZT 0462BLK, ZT 0450FCDAM, Kershaw Launch 1, Kizer Begleiter. Dave - MassDrop Crux (on loan from @richardrigsby), Kizer Basalt, WE Knives 811B Tyche (on loan from @apurvisblades). Jake - Quest Customs Micro Kwaiken

As usual, you can get 5% off your order from our sponsor PVK by using the coupon code "knifenuts". Also, check out the MassDrop/Gavko/WE Thresher at http://dro.ps/thresher-1


John DeLorean money laundering
Social Learning Theory (Albert Bandura)
Kizer Gemini in Damasteel
Boker Plus Urban Trapper in Damasteel
BRS version of the Thresher
BRS Minuteman
CKF Spectra
Dr. Frunkey Video on the Thresher
HEA Designs EQ V2
"It's the Black Lung Pop!"
Ferrum Forge Pro-Line
Microtech OSS Cobra
Real Steel/Poltergeist Works 3605F Control
River's Edge Cutlery PM3 sprint
Nero Knives video of his ZT locks failing
Nemo Knives using a PM2 to cut through another PM2 (I wish this video still existed)
Strider PT slipjoint