Episode 26

Episode 26: Kevin James Knives

On tonight's episode of the Knife Nuts Podcast: Brian poses a question, Jake 3D prints himself a new life, Levon struggles with his hair, and Dave finally gets the soundboard he has wanted.

Also on tonight's episode we recount Brian's experience at the USN GX show, along with some debates about how knife makers should handle shit talking (and vice versa). In addition, we give away a Viper Fortis to a lucky Patreon supporter and hit some scattershot topics we've missed in the last month.

As always, thank you to our sponsor PVK Vegas with whom you can receive 5% off your order with the coupon "knifenuts". 

New acquisitions:

Jake - Rex 45 Para 3, Trash Panda Express

Levon - River's Edge Cutlery Para 3, Brous Blades Raven, Liong Mah Eraser, Civivivivivi knife

Dave - GiantMouse GM5, Real Steel x Poltergeist Works 3605F


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