Episode 25

Episode 25: Fake Knife Bro ft. Advanced Knife Bro

In tonight's episode, we're joined by popular knife YouTuber Advanced Knife Bro, whose channel is known for its sardonic, deadpan humor and high production values. Mark has carved out a sizable following on YouTube by giving honest, user-focused reviews that don't get caught up in minutia that plagues tabletop reviews. Oh, and he batons everything.

New acquisitions: Levon - Tangram Vector, Something Obscene Nemley, Valence Knives Gamma midtech, Arcform Catalyst, Purvis Ish. Dave - WE 814 Chimera, Fjallbo bookcase from IKEA. Jake - WE 717 Valiant.

As usual, you can get 5% off your order from our sponsor PVK by using the coupon code "knifenuts".


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"Oh hi Mark"

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"Did we just become best friends?!"