Episode 34

Episode 34: Horse Crippler

In tonight’s episode: Jake finds yet another new horrible noise to annoy us with, Levon goes “CAWWW!", Brian is full of mirth (seriously), and Dave christens a new Cold Steel sword.

Also in tonight's episode we cover a series of topics, including a great question from a listener: “Has the knife community gotten more contentious?”. In addition, we talk about Jake's future as a knife maker, the CRKT XOC, and take our first short detour into guns.

As always thank you to our sponsor PVK Vegas, use coupon code "knifenuts" at checkout to save 5% on your order. In addition, thank you to our sponsor Kizer Cutlery. 

Acquisitions: Levon - Nalpak insert, Shirogorov Pero, Kizer Laconico Yorkie, Kizer Begleiter, Microtech Signature Series Socom Elite 

Jake - Beaumont KMG-TX Grinder, Dust Deputy 


Fat Carbon CF 

Purple Archnemesis  

“Boots with the fur” 

Sebenza Tour 

Robot that was hitchhiking across America 


2019 Spyderco reveals from IWA 

A.Purvis Primordial MK2 

“Wheel in the Sky” by Journey 

KC Knives 

Feels Good Bro  

Drouth’s - “Knives, Labyrinths, Mirrors” 

S&W 500 

Paul Bearer (and Pallbearer)

Civivi Isham Anthropos 

Scarve - “Mirthless Perspective”  

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