Episode 35

Episode 35: Duck Tales

After an unintended hiatus, the Knife Nuts are back with a pre-BLADE show episode in which we attempt to cover some of the going-ons in the knife community in the last two months, as well as talk about what we’re looking forward to at BLADE 2019. We cover a number of new releases, and are even joined by a special guest at the end (who also is responsible for the abrupt ending, sorry for the condensed episode length). Thank you all for bearing with us, and a special thank you to our Patreon supporters for their continued support. In tonight’s episode we giveaway two new Serge Panchenko knives to a lucky Patreon supporter!

As always, thank you to our sponsors PVK Vegas and Kizer Cutlery!


"I’m going to go now…”

Red Dead Redemption Snody

Sebenza 31

Duck Tales

Benchmade Bailout hardness issue

Spyderco Drunken pocket clip hate

Para 3 LW

Steel Will F12 Tasso - with the Ant Lock!

New Shirogorov Neon

WingManEDC x Tom Mayo collaboration

Buck x Mayo TNT

Reate Jack-2

Mike Nguyen Kaizen 

Brian’s lineup for BLADE

Greg Stevens Designs

WE Knives Synergy 2 backstory


Real Steel Sidus limited editions

Matt Diskin Integral 

“I know my behavior can be erratic sometimes”

APurvis Xerxes 

Terzuola x Drop Cyrus

Hinderer Balisong

Spyderco Endela

Kizer Mini Domin

Isham Designs Horse Crippler