Episode 37

Episode 37: Tactical Bidet 

Despite bad weather nearly ending the episode multiple times, the Knife Nuts are back with another episode. In tonight's episode Jake repeats a story, Levon buys some shoes, Brian realizes he's still being interviewed, and Dave talks tactical shits. In addition, we cover some interesting new knives Levon acquired, weigh in on the mess of "HRC-gate", and generally goof around.

New Acquisitions:

Levon - Kizer Microlith, Terrain 365 Invictus, Wingman EDC MDD-K, Yeezy Boost 700 


John Gray gravity knife 

Asheville Paragon 

NYC lifts gravity knife ban (thanks to Knife Rights)  

Terrain 365’s proprietary Dendritic Cobalt “Terravantium” (which is not actually cast, Levon was wrong) 

EpicSnuggleBunny WIngman EDC MDD-K disassembly 

Kershaw OD-1 & OD-2 

Rike Knives Cicada 

Sharp by Design Micro Evo 

SuperSteel Steve’s HRC gate rebuttal video 

Hi-Point Yeet Cannon 

Boaty McBoatface 

Steel Will Chatbot 

Advanced Knife Bro Wildsteer WX video  

Corvette C8