Episode 36

Episode 36: Bed Bug Happy Hour

In this episode, we recap Levon, Jake, and Brian's experiences returning fresh from BLADE 2019. We touch on Levon's numerous new acquisitions, Brian's success at the show, and Jake not having a heart attack. In addition we weigh in on the Zero Tolerance 0223 and Sebenza 31 controversies, as well as our thoughts on the winners of BLADE 2019's official awards. This episode was recorded before the Lionsteel steel hardness controversy erupted, but we will soon address it!

As always, thank you to our sponsors PVK Vegas and Kizer Cutlery!

Levon's acquisitions: Shirogorov x Chris Reeve Knives Unique Graphic Hati R, Tuch Knives Sparrowhawk, CKF x Philipe Jourget FiF, Microtech UTX-85, Kershsaw Launch 9 with Abalone, Blade Runner Systems Nova & Warhead, WE Knives Synergy 2 & Arrakis, Liong Mah KUF v2, Greg Stevens Design Watch, others here.


Brian’s heartfelt IG post about BLADE

Mason Ramsey, the Walmart yodeling kid

Beg Bugs, the board game

Shirogorov 111 with Kickstop 

Ace Hood’s “Rolex” disassembling itself 

Reate JACK-2 

CIVIVI McKenna in Damascus 

Isham Bladeworks Dresschaton 

Sebenza 31 

MicroMachines commercial 

Sebenza 31 auction piece 

Zero Tolerance 0223   

Director of Sonic the Hedgehog movie promises to redesign Sonic after the movie was already finished 

Bestech new knives 

Enrique Pena new Reate models 

Chaves 229 

BLADE Show Awards 

Olamic Soloist and Whippersnapper 

Begg Custom Flashlight 

RJ Marin x Shirogorov Overkill 

Shun Folding Steak Knife  

“Last week we put liquid paper on a bee… it died” 

KH Daily kitchen knives 

M Shiffer Knives 

Patrick Doyle Knives 

David Broadwell knives 

HEAdesigns Flame 

Hogue’s Copper G10  

Rich Asians flyer at BLADE