Episode 30

Episode 30: Progenies of the Great Knifenuts Podcastalypse (Post NYCKS 2018)

In tonight’s episode: Jake’s credit score is 734, Levon decries Nuts-on-Nuts crime, Brian does a whisper, and Dave goes to lockbar detention.

Also in tonight’s episode we tackle some new releases, the Knife New’s Reader’s Choice awards (as of 12/4), our first production knife collaboration, and most importantly, our thoughts on NYCKS 2018.

As usual, thank you to our sponsor, PVK Vegas. Use coupon code “knifenuts” for 5% off your total order. Check out our other sponsor, Kizer Cutlery, and their “Black Month” sale going on now.

News: Spyderco’s new reveal strategy & possible price increases from tariffs (https://knifenews.com/spyderco-adopts-new-reveal-strategy-with-2019-product-guide/),

ZT Sprint Runs (0562Ti https://zt.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/zt0562ti  0055BRZ https://zt.kaiusaltd.com/knives/knife/0055brz

Knife Nuts Podcast x APurvis Blades Progeny thoughts

Knife News Reader's Choice Awards

New acquisitions: Dave - Isham Bladeworks Blackstar, Spyderco Kapara, ZT 0640

Levon - ZT 0920, Kizer Theta/Feist, Isham Bladeworks Blackstar

Jake- Isham Bladeworks Blackstar, Kizer Theta/Feist, Copper Natrix, Worst OerLa.

Projects- Copper Natrix hardening new washers, Aegis Hoplite no detent no lock.

Wingding of the Week: The Return of JDavis882


Carcass - "Swansong"

"Now that I can't abide"

Kmaxrom Pelican

RIP Clippy

Dimmu Borgir - "Progenies of the Great Apocalypse"

Celtic Frost - "Progeny"

Tyga - “Taste”

Levon's British friend

Mustangs at Car’s & Coffee

Baby Shark

People at NYCKS:

Sal Manaro

Ken Steigerwalt

Tom Krein

Richard Rogers

Chuck Gedraitas

Chopp Knives

Chuck Richards

Greg Medford

Three Rivers Manufacturing

Luhmer Knives

Matt Diskin

Achter Knives

Geoff Blauvelt

Peter Rassenti

Brian Tighe


Dervish Knives


RJ Martin

Kirby Lambert

Andrew Demko

The whole Chris Reeve Knives crew (Tim, Matt, Anne)

Think Twice Cut Once Podcast

Episode 29

Episode 29: Herb Derr (Pre-NYCKS 2018)

In tonight's episode, Levon yells "abort!", Jake doubles down on a bad joke, Dave records the second half of the podcast underwater, and Brian and makes a shrill noise then disappears.

In addition, we cover a bunch of new acquisitions we didn't mention last episode, go over the discontinued for 2019 Spyderco's, and discuss what we hope to do and see at NYCKS 2018. Later in the episode, a guest joins us and we try to get through Boker's 2019 catalog. We don't get far.

We also giveaway an APurvis Blades Primordial to one of our $25 level Patreon supporters. As usual, thank you to our sponsors Kizer Cutlery and PVK Vegas. Use coupon code "knifenuts" to get 5% off your order at PVK!

New acquisitions: 

Dave - Maxpedition Entity 23L, APurvis Blades Primordial, Zero Tolerance 0470, Tangram Amarillo 

Levon - APurvis Primodial, Kizer Minitherium, Kizer Nomad, Zero Tolerance 0470, Spyderco EuroEdge, Sharp By Design x Reate Micro Typhoon, CRKT x BladeHQ Pilar, Shirogorov x Barker Hokkaido 


Grainside Originals 

Yaxell Mon Chef's Knife 

Herb Derr 

Spyderco Discontinued 2019 list 

The Monroe Transfer (look it up yourself)


Boker 2019 Catalog 

Episode 28

Episode 28: MODIFY MY BOKER!!! ft Geoff Blauvelt of TuffKnives

Tonight we are joined by custom knife maker Geoff Blauvelt of TuffKnives. Geoff's story is one that is both totally unique, and highly modern; he was key member of the early YouTube knife community, whose passion for knives lead to career modifying them, and later making his own custom knives. What is completely unique is that he documented all of it on YouTube at a time where no one else had done this before. His YouTube channel (Tuffthumbz) is still available if you want to watch the reality-show like progression of Geoff and other custom knife makers around him like Sebastjian Berenji (Borka Blades) and Michal Gavac (Gavko Knives). 

We get the full story from Geoff, as well as some of the interesting up's and down's he has experienced in his career as a knife maker. A common theme throughout the episode is reminiscing about how different knife industry was even just 5 years ago.

In addition, we are proud to announce our new sponsor, Kizer Cutlery, who joins our established sponsor PVK Vegas. We are excited to be able to check out Kizer's new knives and will continue to provide our unfiltered, irreverent takes on their knives. As usual, use coupon code "knifenuts" at PVK for 5% off your order!


Please Touch Museum (Philadelphia, PA) mural painted by Geoff 

Spyderco T-Mag 

Boker Plus x TuffKnives War Toad 

TuffKnives Imp 

Arcform Knives 

Kershaw Cyclone ZDP-189 

Bobby Shmurda 

Jim Skelton visits Tuff Knives and grinds his first blade 

California legal Microtech UTX 70  

Episode 27

Episode 27: Q&A

Well I don't really have a funny description for this one, it's just us answering listener-provided questions like "what two makers would you like to see collaborate and what production company would you like to handle it?" or "Which host of the podcast would survive longest in a zombie apocalypse?". This one really is about knives!

As always, make sure to head over to our sponsor PVK Vegas and use the coupon code “knifenuts” for 5% off your order.


Paris knife show - brought to you by the human chickpea 

Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop

Benchmade Gold Class Cigar Cutter

Microtech/Terzuola ATCF

Lily Pulitzer

History of Mokume-Gane

"I did not hit her! I did naaaaaht"

Black Philip

Episode 26

Episode 26: Kevin James Knives

On tonight's episode of the Knife Nuts Podcast: Brian poses a question, Jake 3D prints himself a new life, Levon struggles with his hair, and Dave finally gets the soundboard he has wanted.

Also on tonight's episode we recount Brian's experience at the USN GX show, along with some debates about how knife makers should handle shit talking (and vice versa). In addition, we give away a Viper Fortis to a lucky Patreon supporter and hit some scattershot topics we've missed in the last month.

As always, thank you to our sponsor PVK Vegas with whom you can receive 5% off your order with the coupon "knifenuts". 

New acquisitions:

Jake - Rex 45 Para 3, Trash Panda Express

Levon - River's Edge Cutlery Para 3, Brous Blades Raven, Liong Mah Eraser, Civivivivivi knife

Dave - GiantMouse GM5, Real Steel x Poltergeist Works 3605F


Carol Danvers

BG Knives haul from GX

Lee Lerman auction piece

Knife Nuts Knife Banter episode

St. Nick's exclusive Para 3

Spyderco Brouwer

Heeter Nation video

Delaware County (Delco) accent

North Arms Knives Knife News article

Fyre Festival debacle

The Pine Barrens

Joe Rogan Podcast with knife maker 


Episode 25

Episode 25: Fake Knife Bro ft. Advanced Knife Bro

In tonight's episode, we're joined by popular knife YouTuber Advanced Knife Bro, whose channel is known for its sardonic, deadpan humor and high production values. Mark has carved out a sizable following on YouTube by giving honest, user-focused reviews that don't get caught up in minutia that plagues tabletop reviews. Oh, and he batons everything.

New acquisitions: Levon - Tangram Vector, Something Obscene Nemley, Valence Knives Gamma midtech, Arcform Catalyst, Purvis Ish. Dave - WE 814 Chimera, Fjallbo bookcase from IKEA. Jake - WE 717 Valiant.

As usual, you can get 5% off your order from our sponsor PVK by using the coupon code "knifenuts".


Eye of Sekhmet

Cedric & Ada

Spyderco Caribbean

Benchmade Fact

Zombie Tools Vakra

Survive! Knives Drama

Advanced Knife Bro Brous Razorback video

"Oh hi Mark"

"Then I heard it's not what you make but how much you spent"

St Nick's Knives exclusive Delica

"Did we just become best friends?!"  


Episode 24

Episode 24: Passion of the Jake 2: Electric Boogaloo

In tonight's episode, Levon really emphasizes the "p" in "pimping", Jake makes some noises (as usual), Brian finally loses it, and Dave brings Jake's cross out of retirement.

In addition, we also covered our numerous new acquisitions as of late, with an emphasis on new stuff from WE Knives, including a first look at the new MassDrop/Gavko/WE collaboration Thresher. We spend a good amount of time discussing the ZT lock failure controversy, and Jake and Dave finally share details about stories they've hinted at for a while. 

New acquisiton: Levon - MassDrop/Gavko/WE Thresher (prototype on loan from Massdrop), Shirogorov Hati R, Shirogorov Hation (loan), ZT 0462BLK, ZT 0450FCDAM, Kershaw Launch 1, Kizer Begleiter. Dave - MassDrop Crux (on loan from @richardrigsby), Kizer Basalt, WE Knives 811B Tyche (on loan from @apurvisblades). Jake - Quest Customs Micro Kwaiken

As usual, you can get 5% off your order from our sponsor PVK by using the coupon code "knifenuts". Also, check out the MassDrop/Gavko/WE Thresher at http://dro.ps/thresher-1


John DeLorean money laundering
Social Learning Theory (Albert Bandura)
Kizer Gemini in Damasteel
Boker Plus Urban Trapper in Damasteel
BRS version of the Thresher
BRS Minuteman
CKF Spectra
Dr. Frunkey Video on the Thresher
HEA Designs EQ V2
"It's the Black Lung Pop!"
Ferrum Forge Pro-Line
Microtech OSS Cobra
Real Steel/Poltergeist Works 3605F Control
River's Edge Cutlery PM3 sprint
Nero Knives video of his ZT locks failing
Nemo Knives using a PM2 to cut through another PM2 (I wish this video still existed)
Strider PT slipjoint

Episode 23

Episode 23: PostBLADEum Depression

On tonight's episode: Jake has a rash, Brian will bang anyone of youse for that kinda money, Levon doesn't say "pet peeve" that much, and Dave puts the stress on the second syllable of "prowess". Oh, and Aaron shows up again.

It may be the Michael Jordan episode, but this was no slam dunk. We jump around between new acquisitions, some forthcoming knives, and reflect more on Blade once we're again joined by Aaron Frederick of Frederick Knives.

New Acquisitions: Levon - Reate Baby Machine, Kershaw Camp 10, Shirogorov Hati R, Real Steel G5 Metamorph. Dave - Kershaw Camp 18

We're also excited to be able to give away a WE Knives 807 Vaquita that was generously donated by its designer, NM Bladeworks. In order to enter, post a picture on Instagram of what you would use a tiny kukri for with the hashtag #KnifeNutsTreeShit and tag at our IG account, @knifenutspodcast. 


Brian's Chicane auction
Shirogorov Hati R
Pena X Series
Dalibor Bergam Unnamed Integral
Michael Raymond Starlit
Real Steel Harrier
Real Steel x Poltergeist Bladeworks
Mora Cork knife
The Hitman
Tim Lambesis arrest
Microtech UTX-70
Microtech Cypher
Lucas Burnley kitchen knife Kickstarter
Vitesse Design Morpheus
Blink Blades Jinx
Spyderco Matriarch
WE Knives 811 Tyche
Zero Tolerance 0462BLK
KABAR's first flipper
Knife Steel Nerds
Chaves x Reate Knives Ultramar line
British pronunciation of "prowess"    
No Flex Zone